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Thursday, August 10,  2001

Updated at Friday, August 10, 2001 at 08:28:10 AM IST




Widespread protests against detention of student leaders
Imphal August 9: Today, a series of sit-in-protests were staged in different localities of Imphal East district, following the state administration's refusal to unconditionally release the student leaders and youths arrested during the 45-day agitation against the territorial expansion of the NSCN(I-M) ceasefire.

The 7-day protest against the detention, which started yesterday was announced by the United Committee Manipur. During the protest, work in government offices and movement of all government vehicles except those of essential services were banned. On the other hand, rallies and sit-in-protests were held in some of the hill districts against the revocation of the ceasefire without territorial limits by the Indian Government.

Manipuri Nagas snap ties with the Government of Manipur
Imphal, August 10 : In a major development, several Naga tribes and organization under the aegis of the United Naga Council have resolved to snap ties with the Government of Manipur. The resolution was adopted at the convention held at Paomai Baptist Church in Senapati district HQ beginning from August 8. Representatives of the 15 Naga tribes attended the convention. Delegates of the convention vested the responsibility on the UNC to administer the Naga areas according to the traditional system of village administration until an alternative arrangement was made. 

The convention asked the people not to pay any surcharge or taxes to the Government of Manipur and all schools and colleges to withdraw their affiliation from the Board of Secondary Education, Manipur, Manipur University and other Board/Council of Manipur. The convention also endorsed the resolution adopted by the Nagaland Legislative Assembly about the integration of the continguous Naga-inhabited areas under single administrative unit.
(August 10 : 8 AM)

Naga submit memorandum to Governor
Imphal, August 10 : Representatives of different Naga organizations have convened a meeting and submitted a memorandum to the Governor of Manipur to safeguard the Naga villages living near the valley areas. The memorandum jointly submitted by Tangkhul Naga Hoho, Tangkhul Women Council, Tangkhul Student Association, Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights, Ukhrul district and Tangkhul Headman Association, alleged that “some communities, taking sheer advantage of their majority, created threat perception situation through using undemocratic means like issuing provocative statements, shouting insulting slogans, uttering irresponsible words and even physical threats directing particularly towards the minority Naga populace living and working in valley areas which has resulted in the mass exodus”. 

The Naga NGOs said Naga employees under the state and central governments are displaced due to fear psychosis created by certain communities and that their services need to be protected and, if necessary, an alternative arrangement be made for them. The meeting was presided over by the Paul Muivah, president Tangkhul Naga Hoho, Ngatangmi Ningsen, president, Tangkhul Students Association, Lila J. Konghe, president, Tangkhul Womens Council and C. Leisan, convenor, NPMHR, Ukhrul unit.
(August 10 : 8 AM)





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