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Friday, August 10,  2001

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Thousands participate in peace rally at Guwahati
Imphal, August 10 : Thousands of people participated in the peace rally organized by the State Government to commemorate the Quit India Movement and to mark the observance of the Development and Peace week. Chief Minister of Assam, Tarun Gogoi flagged off the peace rally at Judges Field. "The purpose behind observing such a week is to remove the communication gap between the Government and the people to accelerate the pace of development on all fronts," Gogoi said. Participants of the rally, including school children, later took an oath, pledging to fight terrorism and restore peace in the region.
(August 10 : 10 AM)

Zeliangrong Students object Dimasa Organizationís statement
Imphal, August 10 : The All Zeliangrong Studentsí Union (Assam, Manipur and Nagaland) expressed objection to the memorandum submitted to GOI by the Dimajik Samity (a women organization of Dimasa of NC Hills, Assam). The Union said that the statement of the Samity "that the land being demanded by the Nagas was actually inhabited by the Dimasa" is baseless and untrue without any historical facts, stated a press release.

The Union said that the Nagas came to NC Hills and Cachar areas since the 13th century and met the Thai (Siamese) people who came as invaders during the 12th century. From time immemorial, the Zeliangrong Nagas inhabited this region, who came fighting with wild beast and there was no other occupants to resist them.

Though the Nagas and tribals of North-east have no written history of those days, but that the Aroong (Zeliangrong) Nagas are the first inhabitant of North Cachar is the truth, which is also recorded by V Elwin, in his book, "The Nagas in the 19th century" (P/408-9), wherein he clearly stated, "In North Cachar there is only one tribe, who called themselves Aroon (i.e. Zeliangrong) Nagas... and that the Nagas are the earliest inhabitants of the soil."

The Union said that "NC Hills was never a part of Dimasa kingdom who claim to have come in the 15th century, where as the Nagas are already there in the 13th century. NC Hills belongs to Nagas and Nagas does not demand any bodyís land for their homeland. The claim of Dimasa "that the Zemis, one of the sub-tribes of the Nagas, had sought shelter from the Kachari kings" ó is another diversion of history. In fact it was the Zeliangrong Nagas who sheltered them when the Dimasas fled from Dhansiri to Maibong in 15th century during the Ahom invasion.

There are many evidence and historical references that Nagas are the earliest inhabitants of Cachar and NC Hills including the present Haflong town. The Nagas and Kachari have peaceful co-existence since time immemorial. But it is unfortunate that the Dimasas fail to recognize the historical rights and aspiration of the Nagas as much as we respect there history, said the release.
(August 10 : 10 AM)

Garo Students call bandh
Imphal, August 10 : Contrary to the demand of the Khasi Studentsí Union, the Garo Studentsí Union (GSU) in Meghalaya has called for a three-day bandh from August 16 to 18 in Garo Hills, demanding the Government to maintain status quo in regards to the Reservation Policy. It may be mentioned that the Khasi Studentsí Union is demanding the review of the policy.
(August 10 : 10 AM)

NSCN(K) accuses NSCN-IM of secret deal
Imphal, August 9
: The NSCN (K) accused the NSCN (IM) for striking a secret deal with the GOI on the extension of the GOI-NSCN (IM), said a news report. The NSCN (IM) has "failed to keep the political promises made to their supporters by striking secret deals with the Indian government", Kughalu Mulatonu, publicity chief of NSCN(K) said. He said that NSCN (IM) leaders had "actually given the nod to New Delhi for revocation of the ceasefire extension issue and now, under pressure from supporters, they are saying something else". "The NSCN leadership's failure to explain what transpired at the Amsterdam meeting with the Indian government's negotiator [K Padmanabhaiah] has divided and confused their supporters who are now totally demoralized," Mulatonu said. "There is total confusion in their rank and file."
(August 9 : 10:49 PM)





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