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Sunday, August 12,  2001

Updated at Sunday, August 12, 2001 at 12:12:34 AM IST




Core Issue important for the truce : Jamir
Imphal, August 11 : Chief Minister of Nagaland, Mr. S.C. Jamir said that the current ceasefire between GOI and NSCN (IM) "may become redundant" if both the parties do not sort out their differences and begin discussions on the core issue of the Naga problem to evolve an amicable solution.

"Discussions on the core issue must begin as soon as possible. Unless the main issue is addressed soon, the ceasefire itself may become redundant. The truce is only a means to create a congenial atmosphere for the political dialogue to begin", he said. Speaking on a news portal, he said, "If the Government of India and the underground leaders adopt a positive attitude, the differences (on the cease-fire issue) can be sorted out. Both sides needs to exercise restraint and decide on the issues on merit, not on emotions or sentiment."

Jamir expressed satisfaction at the attitude of the Centre, of late, and said New Delhi is moving ahead to diffuse the crisis and evolve an acceptable solution "with all sincerity". He said: "The NSCN(I-M) and the NSCN (Khaplang) must swim with the wishes of the people. The wishes of the people have to be respected by all sides."

Jamir had earlier maintained that permanent peace can be restored in the Naga areas only when the various rebel factions shed their differences, come under a common platform and then discuss the problem with the government of India. He has always been against what he calls "a piecemeal solution" to the longstanding Naga problem.
(August 11 : 11 PM)

Bhutan govt to pressure Ulfa to wind up camps
Imphal, August 11 : The new head of Bhutan Government has said all efforts would be made to make the Indian separatist rebels withdraw from the kingdom in accordance to the wishes of the Bhutanese people, according to a report in Kuensel leading newspaper of the country.

"The government would focus on the security threat posed by the presence of the United Liberation Front of Asom (Ulfa) and the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB)," said Kuensel, quoting Khandu Wangchuk, who assumed office on Friday as the Buddhist nation's new head of government, as saying. "The presence of the ULFA and the NDFB on Bhutanese soil is the main problem facing the country," Wangchuk told a meeting on his assuming office in Bhutan's capital Thimphu, attended by the country's monarch Jigmye Singhye Wangchuk.

"The government was aware about the strong and unanimous view shared by all the Bhutanese people that every effort must be made to make the militants leave the country," the Bhutanese official said. The outgoing Head of Government Yeshey Zimba said: "Despite the presence of the Indian militants, Bhutan is prospering because of the blessings of its guardian deities and the enlightened leadership of the Druk Gyalpo (king)." Bhutanese authorities have held several rounds of talks with the exiled Ulfa leaders to work out a 'peaceful exit' of the rebels from the kingdom.
(August 11 : 11 PM)





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