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Monday, August 13,  2001

Updated at Monday, August 13, 2001 at 11:03:19 AM IST




NNC condemns GOI for ceasefire limitation
Imphal, August 13 : In its first public statement about the controversial GOI-NSCN(IM) ceasefire extension, the Naga National Council condemned the GOI for its unilateral withdrawal of the truce, restring it to Nagaland alone. In a statement issued yesterday in the name of V. Nagi, general secretary of the organization said the withdrawal is not only an insult to NSCN (IM) but also to all Nagas in general. The NNC also extended support to the reported noncooperatin movement launched by southern Nagas (Nagas of Manipur) against Manipur Government to express their resentment against revocation of ceasefire extension.
(August 13 : 11 AM)




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