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 August 14, 2001

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aug14p1.jpg (51383 bytes) Agitators of the anti-ceasefire movement coming out of the Sajiwa Jail as they are released without any condition by the Government following demand by the UCM today.
(Photo : Kh. Inaomacha)
aug14p2.jpg (61832 bytes) Released students leader and agitators marching through the streets of Imphal towards the Hapta Kangjeibung where a reception is given by the UCM.
(Photo : Kh. Inaomacha)
aug14p3.jpg (45731 bytes) A children waiting for the hero to give a welcome home message. Many persons thronged both sides of the streets to greet the released agitators.
(Photo : Kh. Inaomacha)
aug14p4.jpg (48667 bytes) Long Live Manipur. Released students leader and agitators expressing their solidarity for the preservation of territorial integrity of Manipur at Hapta Kangjeibung at Imphal. 
(Photo : M. Dilip)
aug14p5.jpg (107647 bytes) Thousands of people have attended the reception given to the released agitators at the Hapta Kangjeibung at Imphal today.
(Photo : Kh. Inaomacha)
aug14p6.jpg (67778 bytes) Student leaders and agitators paying tribute to the martyrs who laid down their lives in the anti-ceasefire movement at Kekrupat today after they were released from Jail.
(Photo : M. Dilip)
aug14p7.jpg (67022 bytes) AMSU president O. Shyamchand and general secretary Ch. Khongsai reaffirmed the stand of the Manipuri people to safeguard the territorial integrity. They were released from Sajiwa jail today along with other agitators.
(Photo : M. Dilip) 
aug14p8.jpg (65589 bytes) Muslim villagers waiting for the released agitators along the way to give a hero's welcome to them. The movement for preserving territorial integrity of Manipur crossed the barriers of communities.
(Photo : M. Dilip)
aug14p9.jpg (53769 bytes) People greets the released agitators when they come out of the Sajiwa Jail today.
(Photo : M. Dilip)
aug14p10.jpg (61455 bytes) An agitator paralysed from police atrocities coming to pay tribute to the martyrs at Kekrupat. He was released from Sajiwa jail today.
(Photo : M. Dilip)


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