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 August 24, 2001

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People from far flung areas coming to the market at 2 AM as most of the transporters have stopped plying vehicles. Since they have to return to their village by foot, they came to the market as early as possible.
(Photo: Arunthok)
People from far flung areas taking out their commodities from vehicles. Some vehicles still plying even though the transporters association have call for strike in protest against non-availability of fuel oil.
(Photo : Arunthok)
Burning of garbage inside the Khwairamband Market in Imphal at the night of August 23. Garbage used to piled up inside the Market as the employees of Imphal Municipality Council have gone for ceasework strike for a long time. Now they have resumed their work as the authorities heed to their demand.
(Photo : M. Dilip)
People coming to the market by using any available means as passenger services have completely stopped in Manipur. Transporters have gone for strike demanding adequate fuel oil for the vehicles. Fuel oil runs dry because of economic blockade imposed by the Naga Youth Front.
(Photo : Kh. Inaomacha)
aug24p5.jpg (67251 bytes) Due to the chakka bandh, women from the rural areas come to Impahl main market using any available transport to sell vegetables and fish during the night. They spend the night at Imphal on the roads.
(Photo : Arunthok)


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