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Monday, August 20,  2001

Updated at Monday, August 20, 2001 at 10:30:52 AM IST




Naga Hoho wants ceasefire extension
Imphal, August 20 : The Naga Hoho, has demanded the GOI to revoke the withdrawal of the ceasefire extension. In a consultative meeting at Hotel Japfu in Kohima, the apex body said the problems faced by the Nagas today were because of the historical circumstances.

  The text of the declaration

  Declaration made at the 18th August 2001 Kohima Meeting of the Naga Hoho

  The Naga Peoples representatives from Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland states met on the 18th August 2001 for a consultative meeting at Kohima and discussed the various issues confronting the Nagas today and made the following declaration.

I.                    The members reaffirmed that the Nagas, no matter wherever they are, are one. It also declared that the problems of the Nagas no matter where they are, are because of historical circumstances and that they should be comprehensively addressed by the Naga People as a whole.

II.                 The meeting welcomes the decision taken by the Nagas in the present state of Manipur during the Naga Peoples Convention from 8-9th August 2001 upholding the Naga Hoho resolution calling for integration/unification of all Naga areas. It also declared that no Naga would remain a silent spectator to the issues being faced by the Nagas in Manipur and to initiate immediate action in response to the UNC Declaration.

III.               The Naga Hoho reaffirms its fullest support to the ongoing Indo-Naga talk and re-states its position to the Government of India to honour the June 14, 2001 Bangkok Agreement in its totality.

IV.              To form a Coordinating Committee under the aegis of the Naga Hoho to coordinate programmes and policies on various current issues arising out of the cease fire fallout including

a.      The peace process

b.      Bringing out of the White paper on the Naga Integration/Unification as per the Naga Hoho resolution in its 6th Session 1999 held in Dimapur at the earliest.

c.      Resettlement fo the internally displaced Nagas in Manipur.

d.      To work out a plan for Naga National reconciliation to take the Nagas beyond the present unacceptable tragedy of Nagas killing fellow Nagas that can wreck even the ongoing talks and the outcome.

e.      To work out strategies for the removal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act and other inhuman laws.

V.                 The meeting appreciates the restraint shown by our people to the excessive provocation from various quarters and appeals to our people to continue to refuse to be provoked into any kind of violence.

VI.              A special committee shall be formed to look into the problems being faced by the Nagas in the present state of Manipur and their solutions.

VII.            That, the Naga Hoho cary out an inward journey to all Naga areas.

VIII.         That, the “journey of conscience” be continued tour neighbouring communities and to mainland India.

IX.              The meeting expresses its strong displeasure to the indiscriminate firing on Naga Women Peace rallyists on the 14th August 2001 at Tadubi where three persons were critically injured by Captain KK Sharma and his soldiers of 3 AR post, Tadubi and also the attempt on the life of Neingulo Krome, the Secretary General of the Naga Peoples Movement for Human Rights.


M. Vero
Naga Hoho


Keviletuo Kiewhuo
Publicity and Information
Naga Hoho
(August 20 : 10 AM)





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