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Wednesday, August 22,  2001

Updated at Wednesday, August 22, 2001 at 08:24:34 AM IST



AMSU asks Governor to resign
Imphal, August 21 : The All Manipur Students Union, the most powerful students body in Manipur asked the Governor of Manipur, Ved Marwah to resign from his gubernatorial post because of his inefficient administration. 

In a press release issued today, the students body charged that the present administration remain as a silent spectator to the ongoing economic blockade. Because of the economic blockade, all the major essential items have been exhausted, said the release. The passenger services have been stopped for the past 10 days because of the non-availability of the fuel oil said the release.

All the operations in the JN Hospital and RIMS have been cancelled because of non-availability of oxygen. In addition to these, the present Presidentís Rule administration tried to abolish the Manipur Rifles by shifting their present post. Peoples were facing many problems as the authorities failed to pay the salaries of the government employees. The AMSU demanded the resignation of Governor taking him responsibility for all these problems.
(August 21 : 10 PM)

Some Transporters to resume service
Imphal, August 21 : Manipur Truck Owners Welfare Association has withdrawn its agitation from today after the unidentified persons released two abducted drivers. Today, about thirty trucks have left Imphal. It can be mentioned that the truckers have stayed off the road for the past few days demanding the release of the abducted drivers.
(August 21 : 10 PM)

Passenger Services remain on strike
Imphal, August 21 : There is no change in the decision of the striking transporters to stay off the road. It was announced in an interview with a local newspaper by the general secretary of Manipur Transport Joint Coordinating Committee, Ng. Haridas. He said that the Joint Coordinating Committee is formed by three transporters organization namely Manipur Apex Transporters Coordinating Society, All Manipur Transporters Cooperative Society and Joint Administrative Council Transporters, Manipur. The passenger services in the state would not be resumed until the government supplies adequate diesel oil to the transporters. The news item carried by a local newspaper that passenger services would be resumed was without any basis.

Meanwhile, the volunteers the striking transporters damaged some vehicles that are found to be carrying passengers.
(August 21 : 10 PM)

Manipur Budget placed before Parliament
Imphal August 22: Union Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha today presented the Manipur budget for the year 2001-2002 in both the houses of paliament and sought a vote-on-account for 4 months starting from the current month of August.

Manipur was placed under President's Rule on June 2 this year which necessiated parliamentary sanction for its bills. However, the Finance bill was delayed due to a lack of communication between the Centre and the state administration. The earlier vote-on-account passed during the Radhabinod regime had lapsed on July 31, which resulted in a curious situation whereby the state administration was practically barred from spending a single paise.

A Reserve Bank of India ban is also in force following an overdraft of about Rs 150 crores in the state account. The Manipur Finance Bill is expected to be passed by both houses of Parliament today.
(August 22 : 8 AM)

Drought overtakes state intervention
Imphal August 22: The farmers of Manipur valley are up in arms against the state administration for its lack of foresight and vision in tackling the drought like situation in the valley.

Due to lack of sufficent rain in the past 5-6 months, the agricultural fields have dried up in many places in the valley. Gaping cracks could be seen in the field of the valley resulting in the fast deterioration of the kharif crop in its infant stage.

Meanwhile, officials in the state administration are busy blaming each other. Agriculture department officials say, proving irrigation water is not their job. On the other hand, irrigation officials claimed that they have not been informed of the situation in time.
(August 22 : 8 AM)

Photo: This field in Mongjam village of Imphal East was once a small lake reclaimed for agriculture. Wide cracks have appeared damaging the first crop. (Photo: Arunthok)

Fake Rs 500 notes
Imphal August 21: Imphal West District Police today busted a gang engaged in printing counterfiet notes of Rs 500 notes, according to a official report. The police arrested two persons including a woman alongwith computers, laser printers and a small offset printing machine.
(August 22 : 8 AM)






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