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Saturday, August 4,  2001

Updated at Sunday, August 05, 2001 at 04:26:10 PM IST


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MK Binodini returns Padmashri
Imphal, August 4 : Noted writer Maharajkumari Binodini, sister of the last ruler of Manipur Maharaj Bodhachandra returned the honour of Padmashri given to her by India in 1976, in protest against India's attitude towards Manipur.

Her Letter to the President

It is with regret and pain that I have come to this decision to return the Padmashree which I was Honoured with in 1976.

Although it was I who was thus honoured, it was my birthplace, my people, my culture which I had in mind and heart when I recieved it. The little that I have accomplished, I owe to my homeland.

The integrity of Manipur has once again been put at ris without our consent or consultation. It is a violation that may occur yet again. I feel, therefore it is not right for me to keep an award that honours me but not the inspiration of my country.

(August 4: 0100 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

KSO appeals for release of AMSU leaders
Imphal, August 4 : The Kuki Students Organization appealed to the Governor of Manipur to release the arrested leaders of the AMSU. The appeal was conveyed to the Governor by the president of the Kuki Students Organisation, General HQ yesterday. AMSU leaders were arrested for protesting against the extension of India-NSCN (IM) ceasefire to Manipur. Even though GOI have revoked ceasefire extension, tension prevailed in the state. The AMSU has a great role to restore normalcy and peace, said the KSO leader. If the students leaders were not released, it will be an invitation to many unwanted incidents. The government should take responsibility for such consequences, warned the KSO.
(August 4 : 0800 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

AMSU prepared for the bandh on August 5
Imphal, August 4 : The AMSU headquarters have instructed all its district committees, units and branches to get prepared for the general strike on August 5 demanding unconditional release of 44 persons including 14 AMSU leaders for their protest against ceasefire extension, according to a press release. The release appealed to all sections of the people to cooperate in the general strike. The general strike was called under the banner of the UCM.

Meanwhile, the Zeliangrong United Clubs' Association, Manipur Valley has endorsed the general strike called by the UCM.
(August 4 : 0800 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

NSCN (K) appreciated the people of North East
Imphal, August 4 : The NSCN (K) has appreciated the leaders of different communities in the North East for their awareness of communal harmony in the North East region, particularly Manipur. In a press release issued by Captain Hrupunnii Pou, chairman of the Shepaumaramth region, NSCN/GPRN, the NSCN (K) said that it is an underlying fact that historical relationship can not be easily subdued by any divisive force. Observing the stages of development and the "over-enthusiastic gestures of some Naga leaders" during the ceasefire between GOI and NSCN (IM), the NSCN (K) asked the Naga leaders if they genuinely welcomed the peace process with the GOI in the midst of fratricidal killings among Naga national workers. The NSCN (K) cautioned the Naga leaders to point out the priority, boldly apply wisdom and set them right. The NSCN (K) also warned the public leaders in Shepaumaramth region against being acting as puppets and asked them to take right step as the real leaders in the interest of the community.
(August 4 : 0800 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

Insurgents arrested
Imphal, August 4 : Thoubal district police arrested a member of the UNLF from Yairipok market yesterday evening. The arrested member was Heikham Umesh alias Ibungobi alias Kiran, of Yairipok Top Chingtha. He joined the organisation in January, 2000. In another incident, the Assam Rifles personnel arrested a hard core member of NSCN (IM) from Loktak area. The member identified as Sergeant Major Bilvar Agendra alias Gengra, a resident of Chandel district was operating in Jiribam and Nungba areas. In the mid June, his platoon was sent to the Bishnupur district from Jiribam to look after the interests of Naga people and "protect" the Naga villages in Churachandpur and Bishnupur districts.
(August 4 : 0800 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

Human Rights violation case referred to NHRC
Imphal, August 4 : Manipur Human Rights Commission referred a case of violation of human rights to the National Human Rights Commission. The case was about the inhumane torture of Moirangthem Shyam (44) of Wangkhei Thangapat Mapal Palace Compound by personnel of 17 Assam Rifles. The victim was in unconscious state after being tortured. A petition was filed by the wife of the victim, Moirangthem ongbi Landhoni Devi to the commission. The commission after hearing the petiton, referred the case to NHRC.
(August 4 : 0800 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

One BSF personnel goes bananas
Imphal, August 3 : A BSF personnel went bersek and assaulted several villagers in Bishnupur district at gunpoint today, according to official reports. In the early hours of the morning, the BSF personnel stationed at Chothe hillock in the Bishnupur district came to the house of one Moirangthem Manaoton of Nachou Panthong armed with one AK rifle, a handgun and six magazines.

The report said, the personnel forcibly entered the house and thrashed up the inhabitants of the house after intimadating them at gunpoint. The personnel also attacked the family members of another person Laishram Nongyai. Upon his reckless behaviour, the villagers gave a call for help. As the villagers assembled, the personnel fired one round to threaten the people and ran towards the nearby Potsangbam village. In the said village, he drove away the family members of one Sanatomba by firing several rounds in the air and forcibly tried to stay in the room of a girl.

Afterwards, the Bishnupur SP and an officer of BSF came to the village and took away the irate personnel. The BSF authorities clarified to the villagers that the personnel had some mental problem. Meanwhile, the injured persons were hospitalised.
(August 3 : 2100 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

Bandh in Naga-inhabited areas began
Imphal, August 3 : The 24-hour bandh called by Naga Students Federation in Naga-inhabited areas began from 6 am in the morning today. The bandh affected the normal lives in Senapati district of Manipur, Kohima and Nagaland towns in Nagaland. However, the bandh could not affect normal lives in the districts of Mon, Tuensang, Phek and Makokchung. Students organization in these districts had differences with Naga Students Federation in the outlook .
(August 3 : 2100 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

Three UGs surrendered
Imphal, August 3 : Three insurgents surrendered to the BSF authority in Bishnupur district today. The insurgents belonged to Prepak, UNLF and UKLF. Prepak cadre surrendered with one AK 56 rifle with some rounds of ammunition, UNLF member with one M-22 rifle while the UKLF member with one 303 rifle.
(August 3 : 2100 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

Three day class boycott
Imphal, August 3 : In protest against the failure of the Government to release the arrested students leaders, the students in some schools of Imphal district gave a call for a three day class boycott. The student leaders were charged with instigating violence in the anti-ceasefire movement in the state.
(August 3 : 2100 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

Naga UGs objects Sangma's appointment
Imphal, August 3 : The appointment of former speaker of the Lok Sabha, P.A. Sangma as the chief negotiator for talks with the North East insurgents have been objected by the Naga underground outfits, said a report in a news portal.. The move to appoint P.A. Sangma as negotiator was welcomed by many states because of his long experience in north east India. 

Meanwhile, special emissary of GOI, K. Padmanabhaiah left for Amsterdam on Thursday evening for talks with the NSCN (IM) leaders stationed there. The talks are crucial because NSCN (IM) leaders have refused to accept the GOI's decision on the limitation of ceasefire area to Nagaland state only. The move is significant because it strengthened the position of Padmanabhaiah as the negotiator for the talks.
(August 3 : 1100 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)

Naga UGs to surrender
Imphal, August 3 : While most of the Naga organizations in Nagaland and Manipur are confused about the ground situation of the ceasefire agreement between GOI and NSCN (IM), some Naga underground activists have disgruntled with their existing lives and decided to come overground. Today, 14 Naga underground activists will surrender with sophisticated arms, said a news report. The rebels consist of five from the NSCN (IM), seven from the NSCN (K) and two from the National Federation Government.
(August 3 : 1100 hrs : Manipur Online/Hueiyen Lanpao News Service)





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