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The Boundaries of Manipur

Publisher's Note

The publication of Dr. Chandramani Singh’s “The Boundaries of Manipur” is in consonance with the aims and objects of the Historical Division, Pan Manipuri Youth League, as it marks a new and significant addition to the works on the History of Manipur.

The author has rightly devoted a chapter of his book to the wrongful occupation of the Kabaw Valley (7000 square miles in area), a district of Manipur, by Burma. The maintenance of the territorial integrity of India and the vital consideration of her defence also demand the adoption of prompt and proper measures by the Government of India for the restoration of this territory to Manipur.

So far as the Historical Division is concerned, it will always consider it a part of its duty if it can in any ay inspire the compilation and publication of scholarly and scientific treatises like the present one of Dr. Chandramani Singh.

The 7th May, ’70.

Yambem Tejendra
General Secretary,
Pan Manipuri Youth League





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