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The Boundaries of Manipur


Chapter I
The Jiri Frontier :

The Jiri Frontier – the murder of Govindchandra – Gambhir Singh alleged to have been a privy to the plot – Gambhir Singh’s claim on Cachar – the tract east of the Jiri river ceded to Manipur.


Chapter II
The Kabaw Valley :

The problems of Kabaw Valley – Grant and Pemberton favoured Manipur – the Burmese objected – Kabaw Valley ceded to Ava – Kabaw Valley after 1834 – boundary demarcated – results of the demarcation – Churachand and Bodhchandra represented for restoration – problem remains unsolved.


Chapter III
The Northern Boundary

The Angami Nagas – early relations – Bigge Gordon line not respected – The Angami revolt – Manipuri soldiers in the Angami lands – Mao fixed as the northern boundary.


Chapter IV
The Southern Frontiers

The Lushai Frontiers : Early relations – raids and counter raids – Lushai Expedition, 1871-72 – Agreement not respected; The Kamhaws or Sooties Frontier; Early relations – attack by the Kamhaws – expedition failed – capture of the Kamhao Chief – punitive expedition, 1875 – the Boundary Commission, 1894.


Chapter V
The Chussad Frontier

The Chussad Kukis – early relations – McCullock and the Chussads – Chussad Chief murdered – Tonghoo declared independence but reduced to submission – the Somra tract to Burma.






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