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The Boundaries of Manipur

Chapter 1

The Jiri Frontier (Contd.)

Pemberton, however, desired that if it were not possible to transfer the whole district of Cachar Gambhir Singh should at least be favoured with the cession of the tract east of the Jiri River between the two branches of the Barak River, over which he had already extended his influence. The Governor-General in Council entertained grave doubts as to the propriety of ceding a portion of Cachar in the face of objection raised by Jenkins. The council, therefore, desired to have more details from the local authorities. On receipt of the expected reports from Grant and Pemberton and being convinced of their cogent and forceful arguments the Government of Bengal finally resolved to relinquish the tract on November 5, 1832 to Gambhir Singh on conditions as given below :

“(i) That he should withdraw his thanna without delay from Chandrapur; (ii) that he should not obstruct the trade between Manipur and Cachar by exaction of exorbitant duties; (iii) that the Nagas occupying the hills ceded to him should have free access to the plains for the purposes of barter and sale; (iv) that he should keep the communication from Jiri to Manipur in order for the transist of laden cattle throughout the year; (v) that eh should be ready at all times to afford the assistance of a potion of the Manipur Levy and also to furnish porters and labourers whenever  their service might be required by the British Government.”29

Thus the territorial extent of Manipur was confined to the two ranges of hills, the one alled Kalanaga Range and the other called Noonjai Range which was situated between the eastern and the western bunds of the Barak and the line of the Jiri and the western bund of the Barak formed as the boundary between Manipur and Cachar30. Since then no gain the territorial possession of Manipur has so far been made in the Jiri Frontier.

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