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Online News of Manipur in association with Hueiyen Lanpao, Manipuri Daily

Demographic pattern of Manipuri people

Total population of Manipur : 23,88,634 (twentythree hundred eighty eight thousand six hundred thirty four) according to the Census of India, 2001 (Provisional)
Total area of Manipur :






All the districts of Manipur

Meitei Pangal (Muslim) 1,67,204 Imphal East District :
Thoubal District :
Bishenpur District :
Chandel District :
Churachandpur District :
Nagas 3,26,324  

(a) Old Nagas



Angami 650  
  Kabui 62,216

Senapati District : Sadar Hills
Imphal East : Jiribam Sub-Division
Bishnupur District :
Churachandpur District :

  Kacha Naga (Zemi and Liangmei) 20,328

Tamenglong District : Tamei, Tharon

  Mao 80,568

Senapati District : Mao

  Maram 10,510

Senapati District : Maram

  Sema 25  
  Tangkhul 1,12,944

Ukhrul District :

  Total population of Old Nagas 2,87,241  
(b) New Nagas/Old Kukis    
  Anal 13,853

Chandel District :

  Lamkang 4,524 Chandel District :
  Maring 17,361 Chandel District : Machi
Ukhrul District :
Thoubal District :
  Monsang 1,635 Chandel District : Komlathabi and Pallel
  Moyon 1,710 Chandel District : Moyon Khullen, Khongjom, Mitong, Komlathabi, Penaching, Heigru Tampak
  Total population of New Nagas/Old Kukis 39,083  
  Aimol 2,643

Chandel district : Unapal, Satu, Kumirei, Chingunghut, Aimol Tampak, Khodamphai, Ngairong Aimol, Chandonpokpi, Soibong (Khudengthabi)
Churachandpur district : Kha-Aimol, Luichungbum
Senapati district : Tuikhong

  Chiru 5,487

Senapati District :
Tamenglong District :
Churachandpur district
: Henglep

  Chothe 2,676

Chandel District :
Bishnupur District :

  Gangte 15,100

Tamenglong District :
Churachandpur District :
Senapati District :
Sadar Hills

  Hmar 42,690

Churachandpur District : Tipaimukh

  Mizo (Lushai) 10,520

Churachandpur District :

  Paite 44,861

Churachandpur District : Khuga Valley, Ccpur Bazar

  Purum 503

Senapati District : Purum Khullen and Purum Likli
Chandel District : Lamlang Huipi, Chandanpokpi, Khongkhang Chothe, Loirang Talsi, Salemthar, Zat'lang, New Wangparan

  Hralte 110

Churachandpur District :

  Simte 7,150

Churachandpur district : Mingjang, Tubuong, Simveng, New Bazar, Thanlon, Leikangpai, Zouthang, Shumtuk, Monjon, Pamjal, Sasinoujang, Tallian, Dumsao, Khungung, Lungthul, Singhat, Moijin, Maokot, Suangdai, Suangpuhmun

  Sahlte 311

Churachandpur District :

  Thadou 1,15,045

Churachandpur District :
Senapati District :
Sadar Hills
Tamenglong District :

  Vaiphei 27,791

Churachandpur district :

  Zou 19,112

Churachandpur District :
Chandel District :

  Total population of Kuki-Chin    
  Koirao/Thangal 1,200

Senapati District : Mapao Thangal, Thangal Surung, Makeng Thangal, Tumnoupokpi, Yaikangpou, Tikhulen, Ningthoubam, Mayangkhang and Gailongde

  Koireng 1,056

Senapati District :
Imphal District :

  Kom 15,467

Churachandpur District :
Senapati District :

  Total population of Komrem 17,723  
Unspecified tribes 75,768  
Others (including Mayangs and Nepalis) 1,46,096  
The population data are based on the reports of the All Manipur College Teachers Association.


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