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N.H.53 - A Road in need is the road indeed

Today, one feels emotionally excited as well as very hopeful after learning that a local body “Committee for Development of NH 53” has at last though not so late taken the pain to take an initiative for setting up of a Trust to look after the overall development and security of the National Highway 53.  Others should follow suit.

Such Herculean task can be accomplished if and only if there is unity among the various sections of the people in the state.  As it involves a huge financial margin and being a continuous process, the Trust can be effective only in the government level when it is headed by the Governor of Manipur himself. Replaying the Mapal 
Kangjeibung and Nupilal Complex, let’s aim for a higher peak this time - the N.H.53.  My dear countrymen, let’s build a Dimapur in Jiribam and some more Jiribams in Nungba and Noneh.  We should stop feeding Nagaland anymore.   Let’s lay bare our keenness and enthusiasm in this road to the Central Government by donating some money to the trust fund.  It is high time for the Manipuri insurgents also to take care of the well wishers and builders of this National Highway as well as to drive away the anti-socials and looters from this road.  The Governor of Manipur Ved Prakash Marwah should give his best effort in  realizing this project to exhibit his interest and affection for the people of Manipur.

Laishram Napoleon,
(Received on email on July 27, 2001)



Next Step for Manipuris

Dear Sir,
The Manipuris appear to be going for the restoration of independence from the clutches of Indian rule after their latest movement. The pro-independence Manipuri people which is best exemplified by Manipuri people itself, have just won their war against a paralysed Indian backed administration which fact has emboldened the camp struggling to make Manipur an independent state. That certainly caused worries for Atal Behari Vajpayee and his country. At this point Indian government is in no position to plunge into a fresh crisis (after the crisis in Sri Lanka, Punjab and Kashmir). The problem of Manipur is particularly worrying for Mr. Vajpayee who must maintain a fine balance, as it is, between agreeing that 

 the unification of so-called Naga inhabited areas and maintaining his stand 

 no threat to territorial integrity of states. 

But on the other hand, the Manipuris remain confident they will be able to lead Manipur into a new era of life and living. 

Yours sincerely, 

Jupiter Kong,
(Received on email on July 23, 2001)

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