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Tuesday, August 21,  2001

Updated at Tuesday, August 21, 2001 at 12:19:41 AM IST



Manipur Government caught unaware by Drought
Imphal, August 21 : While Manipur Government is attending to the problem of ceasefire extension, another catastrophe looms large over the horizon of Manipur. This time, it is a natural phenomenon in the form of drought. Even though the present season belongs to the rainy season according to the Manipuri weather cycle, most of the agricultural fields remain dry as a result of poor rainfall in this year. Scanty rainfall could not thoroughly wet the soil for a proper cultivation.

Most of the agricultural fields in Manipur have been affected by the drought. In Imphal west district, about forty thousand hectares of agricultural fields in Bamdiar, Yarou Loukon, Khabam and Khabi villages have been affected. In Moirang Khunou of Bishnupur district, about 800 hectares of fields have been affected. In the Imphal east district, agricultural fields in the villages of Pungdongbam Gram Panchayat have been terribly affected by the drought.

Even though the agricultural fields have remaining dry for a long time, Manipur Government has not come up with a clearcut policy. When contacted, there is still not a policy to combat the drought. Because of inept attitude of the Government, there is wide apprehension for a severe famine in the state.
(August 21: 1 AM)

Truck Drivers reached Imphal
Imphal, August 21 : Two Manipuri truck drivers who have been abducted by the unidentified person at Dimapur reached Imphal yesterday. They were given reception by the members of Transporters association and members of UCM. It can be remembered that they were released on August 18 at Dimapur after different NGOs appealed for their release.
(August 21: 1 AM)






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