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The Boundaries of Manipur

Pan Manipuri Youth League

Pan Manipuri Youth League (PANMYL) was a social and political organisation founded in 1968 with a revolutionary commitment to awakening the Manipuris from the slumber of colonial rule. It revived, restored and in fact, rewrote the glorious history of Manipur which was made forgotten, distorted and relegated to insignificance by the colonial masters beginning with the British. Pan Manipuri Youth League successfully rehoused a pride in everybody born as a Manipuri in this hilly state.

Manipur's War of Independence against the British in 1891 was not given its due historical significance and it was distorted as a part of India's freedom movement by the colonial educationists. PANMYL reversed it and brought it into prominence. It initiated celebrating the 13th August as Patriot's Day for it was on this day the Britishers hanged to death many heroes of Manipur. The day is still celebrated by the state and every Manipuri. Another memorable day is the 23rd April. PANMYL took it up for its historical importance because it was on this day the heroes of Manipur fought a decisive battle against the British at Khongjom in 1891. The 13th August and the 23rd April are declared state holidays and statewide functions are observed every year.

PANMYL's mouthpiece Lamyanba (Pioneer), a monthly published in local vernacular and the Resistance, a weekly published in English, which are now defunct, came heavily against the state and its misrule. It took corruption as a vice born and bred by the colonial system. Both the journals were engaged in a strong anti corruption drive exposing ministers, offices and politicians through their far reading investigations. Agonies suffered by the people in the hills specially at the hands of the Indian army were brought into public. Rape cases and excesses perpetrated by the Indian army in the interior hill areas were investigated and brought into public for justice.

Dr. L. Chandramani, author of this booklet was the first president of the Pan Manipuri Youth League.

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