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Let the Nagas go their way

Dear Sir
Manipur is only heard of in national newspaper as a turmoil prone area. This is not a thing to be appreciated. There is a sheer need to teach our youth that deviating from the main stream and resorting to violence is not a right means to settle issue with the centre. This will only lead to the further violence and the outcome will be the destruction of our economy and it's stagnation. The extortion has become a part of life and this has greatly destabilized and contributed to the retardation of our economy. We Manipuri do not understand this well. Stagnation of economic growth gives rise to a lot of social and moral crisis.  The current scenario is the proof that we have failed to realised that the right bus has been boarded at the wrong hour. Instead of fighting with the Nagas lets start an inter -community dialogue and settle the dispute amicably. And what we need is emphasis on economic advancement, suppression of Nagas aspiration and wish will give us nothing but to untoward event and fatal hurt for both the communities. The world has entered the era of 21st century and the peace & prosperity is the goal that all the nations or communities are aiming for . Let the Naga go and have their own way. What we need is the elevation of the poor and eradication of corruption from the administrative bodies. We Manipuris have proved that we are in par with the outside world in many fields . Why not we can fight corruption and make our state the best administered and cleanest state in India. The goal of our society is to promote peace and prosperity . We should not allow ourselves to be carried away by this so called "Gun culture" there is no meaning in killing each other . Let us all live in peace and think for the welfare of our community.


Jack Raingam
(Received on email on July 18, 2001)

Advani, Pawn of CIA

Dear Sir,
During Indra Kumar Gujral’s Prime Ministership, Bhavani Sen Gupta an expert on Indian Nuclear Policy was appointed as an Officer on Special Duty (OSD). Unfortunately or fortunately he was kick out from the Prime Minister Office by the BJP leaders and MPs charging him as a pro-American. But today Mr. LK Advani, the Union Home Minister of India is acting like a CIA agent helping Th. Muivah, the General Secretary of NSCN (IM) who is supported fully by the Western Churches and American CIA. That is why the so called Naga used to raise the flag in the four districts of Manipur on the 4th July, the American Independence Day in order to build a homeland of Nagas (Nagalim). The wests dream about a Nagaland for Christ, a christian country in the South East Asia.

In the coming Parliament session, the former Prime Minister IK Gujral should come out with a motion to root out LK Advani from his ministerial birth with relation to the India-NSCN (IM) ceasefire without territorial limit in the North East India and Myanmar.


Asutosh Dey
(Received by email on July 17, 2001)



Return of the Prodigal Son, Muivah

Dear Sir,
Forty years ago, a young Tangkhul boy called Thuingaleng Muivah
had left parents and family in his tiny Ukhrul village in order to wage war against India and bring a “sovereign Nagaland”. All these years, he has never called himself an Indian, or has shown any regard of the Indian Constitution.

Only “age” has mended this prodigal Tangkhul personality. Recently, there has been an interesting development in the character of Th.Muivah who is in his seventies. He has tipped over the “sovereignty scale” of the NSCN (IM)’s demands. He is a “confirmed Indian” now after acquiring an Indian passport quite recently. He is going for peace talks with the Government of India “within the framework of the Indian Constitution”. It is an open secret known even to the cows and hens in the streets of the Northeastern states that “Muivah is definitely going to fly the Indian tricolours very soon”. Though there is doubt if the NSCN (IM) carries the mandate of the entire Naga communities, any peace loving Naga hails Muivah with his able leadership and looks forward for a swift development of Nagaland.

Muivah is equally welcome to his birth place Ukhrul, provided he shuns the hidden agendum of “breaking” the boundaries of Manipur. Nagas may better seek for a Himalayan economic package from the Govt. of India in order to bring peace to Nagaland. Muivah must never seek peace for Nagaland at the cost of Manipur.

The United Committee of Manipur (UCM) seems to be finding a tough time while the NSCN (IM) and “its over ground organizations” like the Naga Hoho and UNC, openly flay the Meiteis for being “anti Naga” or “against peace”. So far, big brother Meiteis have been playing maximum restraint “not to hurt” the sentiments of any tribal communities in Manipur. Unfortunately, if the “worse” happens, the consequences are well known to everybody in this state of democracy. So, instead of making anymore “inflammatory statements”, the various Naga tribes must, like their Zeliangrong brethren, propagate peace and harmony among various communities living in Manipur. It is also clear that the Naga ceasefire agreement is a big blot in the political careers of Lal Krishna Advani and Atal Behari Vajpayee.


L.  Napoleon,
(Received by email on July 12, 2001)

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