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The Recent Turmoil

Dear sir;  
I deeply feel that you can play a good role in defusing this dense situation in Manipur. I belived that this is not a short term crisis that can be solved by forcing the central govt. to withdraw the extension of cease fire from Manipur. If, I am not wrong the hilly people are no more ignorant and their aspiration cannot be suppressed by merely showing our force . What we need is to find an amicable settlement with them. Their aspiration to come under one Naga administrative unit is real and genuine and we need to take it seriously. Time and again history has shown us that artificial political divide or external force hindering national unification does not do good for itself but rather enhance their desire for unification. What I mean is our blind chauvinism might work for our undoing ,we need to reckon with insight and realistic approach. Yes ,our apprehension about the future of Manipur state is logical and correct but are we in position to stop the Nagas to have their way and is it justifiable. Political integrity of Manipur is important but we are failing to devise a means to preserve it peacefully. Instead of harping for the withdrawal of the cease fire extension one needs to think for other routes. Scandinavian Sami tribe autonomous council model suggested by mr burman is not bad. This will be the perfect model for the Naga-Manipur empasse to avert any blood shed. This is not a voice of cowardise but the sound of realistic approach. Our youngsters are failing to understand this fact that our mere anger will do no good for ourselves in future. We have expereinced the difficulty in valley during the curfew imposition. If meitei naga clash erupts tomorrow the major suffering will be beared by us because our economy is base on semi-urban model and with no routes to cater our supplies barring the national highways which pass through Naga areas . The Nagas will suffer greatly but are we giving into such unwanted and unbenificial blood bath. Instead of trumpeting against the peace initiative we should join hand with them to end the Indian oppression. If we are counting on Indian support to hinder the Nagas to have their rightful ways then where do we stand. We are no better than the Indians our own oppressor . There is irrational trend and myopic movement going on in Manipur. One cannot appreciate the banning of Hindi songs and films in Imphal and driving out outsiders from doing business in Manipur forcefully instead of educating our traders, businessmen and customers to be more business oreinted in their thinking. By alofting from outside world what are we going to do. Manipur is not the world. We are not living in Spartan age where one can live in confinement controlling the helots i.e the Nagas . We need to deal with this seriously and restructure and restrengthen ourselves by competing with our counter parts. It will be a foolish thing to resort to such escapist action and weakening ourselves. In this gloominess or darkness ,you can use your good position to save our society from this fearful and eminent danger of fatal fall. Thanking you.

Sincerely yours
(Received on 9 July 2001 by e-mail)

Tribals News Clip 

Dear Sir,
It's so bad hearing the ongoing clashes in Manipur. It shock the whole world. I found each words worth reading. So please add more about the tribals news clip. I deeply express my condolence to console over those bravehearts willing to sacrifice their life for the land of Sana Leibak. Be brave and fight with honour. Let's keep in touch.

Sincerely yours
(Received on 8 July 2001 by e-mail)

Correction to Manipur Online

Dear Sir,
At the outset, I want to thank you for your service. However there is a correction I want to make as a regular reader of Manipuronline in reference to July 5 publication.

The figure you gave on the UNC rally in four Naga districts on July 4th was inaccurate. In Ukhrul alone the rally participants were over 42,500. I got this correct figure from a primary source. I am making this correction so that your readers will not be misguided. Correct and accurate reporting in the future will be highly appreciated. 
Thank you.

Sincerely yours
(Received on 9 July 2001 by e-mail)


Sana Leibak

How is the situation ? I really condemn on the Nagas to break up Manipur. How could they just take it away this is impossible. Instead that they should appreciate the Meites for giving the opportunity to dwell in the of Sana Leibak. 


(Received by email on July 12, 2001)

Manipuri people

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your timely webcast of the events in Manipur. As other readers have suggested that the viewpoints from both sides should be published with best correct information with sources (even anonymous information). Also, please include only the first name of respondents to your feedback while posting. There are people on both sides who may misuse the names (last names) for personal gains in this tug of war in the internet. And you should mention that no one can use the contents without written agreement form Manipuronline. The feedback may just be a personal mail and the writer may not wish to publish it in the internet. You should make sure that the writer does not object to general viewing of his message.
Regarding the extension of ceasefire to Manipur and the support of the Naga tribes of Manipur to it, that is for some time. Also, the aftermath of this extension of ceasefire to Manipur is also known to both sides and the Government of India and NSCN-IM. The creation of conflict between different parties will be always welcome by the Indian Government. This way the Naga's issue will not be solved and Manipur will be in turmoil always. It should also be noted that Manipur is not a creation of the Indian Government and they will also have constitutional difficulty to disintegrate the state. Their is no way to solve the Naga problem by a disintegrated Manipur and one cannot not guarantee that it will bring safety and harmony for Nagas in Manipur and Nagaland state. The NSCN-IM claim that the northern districts of Manipur are Naga inhibited areas and should go to Greater Nagaland. But in fact, the total population of Nagas and Kukis in these districts are almost the same and it will be wrongful for India and NSCN-IM not to consider and include the voice of Kuki tribes residing in these districts. NSCN-IM had tried to drive all Kuki tribes from these districts out or Nagamize them. But still they have not succeeded all. The tension between Naga-Kuki and the fear of other communities will be enormous.

Manipur is a land of many tribes (more than 30) who have different languages, cultures and traditions. For political purposes, some are included along with the Naga denomination in the north and Kuki-chins in the South. The Kuki tribes inhabit in all districts of Manipur and their representation in the Manipur Assembly is as high as the Naga tribes. Meiteis were not included in the Schedule Tribe because they were classified in the Hindu fold of India and were included in the general category. This prevented the Meiteis to settle in the hills under the Schedule 6. Meiteis cannot part the hills even if they cannot settle in the hills for all their forefathers were hill dwellers and their Gods reside in these hills. They always had depended their livelihood on hill products. NSCN-IM cannot claim all hills belong to them. If one looks at the Nagalim map of NSCN-IM, it includes all of Manipur, Nagaland state, a large part of Assam, Arunachal and Myanmar. Under no circumstances, the Myanmar Government is going to give land to India or to NSCN-IM. It includes breaking international laws and a lot of treaties need to be considered. It is impossible for NSCN-IM to claim these territories in the foreseable years to come by which time all Manipur tribes and Meiteis would have killed each other and extinct under the present situation and if it continues to climb. Other states like Assam and Arunachal are not going to hand over their territories to NSCN-IM happily. But why only Manipur is burning not so much in other states. It is because Muivah is a Manipur Tangkhul tribe and NSCN-IM is in reality a Manipur outfit controlled by Tangkhuls. That is why they persuade or threaten Manipur tribes to support them.

Manipur is a close society - geographically, economically, socially and ethnically. Tangkhuls, Meiteis, Zeliangrongs and other tribes have much more common customs and tradition than their many other counterpart tribes in the Nagaland state. It is just not possible to separate these groups on political and ethnic lines. Economically Manipur is not viable without the 4 districts in the north and the people who live in these are cannot survive without the valley resources. Both the hill and the plain depend on each other and are so intertwined economically, transportation infrastructures, geographically and even socially. These things make it difficult to claim Manipur by any group to be theirs or to seek separation from one another. If there are political disagreements and issues among the hill peoples and between the hill and the valley, there should be a dialogue and work for solutions. The tribes in Nagaland also should understand that they are not helping the tribes in Manipur by their constant support to the movement. It will also be disaster for Nagaland if 40-50 different tribes are put together politically not considering the geographical isolations, infrastructure road difficulties, economic dependencies, social affinities and whole lot other issues. The Anals and Moyons in the Chakpikarong and Chandel are not going to interact the the Aos and Angamies in Nagaland socially or economically. They will depend on the other tribes and Meiteis for their survival. If Muivah is thinking of subsidies from the Indian Government for centuries for the survival of his tribes, that is too ambitious and is only a half-brain's work. We all can discuss and protect the interest of all tribes in Manipur, ethnically, economically and politically. By demanding Greater Nagaland or separate Southern Nagaland, which will be next step because Muivah and the Manipur tribes cannot fulfill their political ambition in the Nagaland state. This is not an assumption. The Manipur Nagas will be on one side and the Nagaland tribes will be on one side if the underground movement is removed and come to overground political participation by Muivah.

It is under these circumstances that we the people of Manipur both the Naga tribes, Kuki Tribes, Meiteis, Pangans, Nepalis, and other inhabitants should work together to bring a political solution, including NSCN-IM rebels, all other Manipur underground organisations, NGOs, Manipur Government and the Indian Government, to safeguard each community in Manipur. Separation of a part of Manipur is not geographically, politically, economically and socially possible under the circumstances now and years to come. The Meiteis should listen to Naga tribes' concerns and Naga tribes should also consider the other communities concerns. This is the best longterm solution for the whole people of Manipur. Some may say no and others may say yes. But, the situation has brought nothing in terms of development in infrastructure, economy, education, and in every field of human society. All energy and resources have been consumed by this divide and hatred politics. Let us all think about living and prospering together. No Blood-shed and no Cries for Mothers. Ethnic-based politics have not progressed in any part of the world in the modern times. Africa and Balkans are clear examples.  

USA (Received on 11 July 2001 by email)

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